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Lee Ann Paynter is an artist and an educator.   Currently she is working as Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Kentucky and at BCTC Danville Campus.  Yes, this keeps her hopping!  With an MFA from California Institute of the Arts – a degree in Photography and Media – her oeuvre consists of traditional methods and digital media, video and installation. Based on the ideas of representing a different way of being and creating a collective consciousness, Lee Ann’s work takes on social and political issues, as well as the media’s role in those representations.

Her research continues in an ongoing project about liminality and psychological transitional space, looking at liminal space as not only a threshold or beginning, but as one in which human beings spend much of their time.  There is a paradox between existing in a space and passing through it, along with a tension between being in a place of transition and a desire for stability.  “We are always passing through some place or space, both literally and psychologically.  The existential nature of life lends to an ambiguity of identity, both of the self and of others.  One is neither here nor there, but in a liminal state of existing nowhere, in the moment, for that moment has passed.”



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